Christmas Feast for 10


🎄✨ Presenting our Christmas Feast, a joyous experience crafted for 10, promising to elevate your celebrations. Join us on this delectable journey, uniting flavours and festivities in every bite. Order now and make your holiday moments memorable! 

🚚 Embrace the ease of delivery or pickup. Let the warmth of the holidays linger at your table, at your convenience. 🍽️

Feast Highlights:

🍗 Ayam Goreng Berempah Chicken Leg Nasi Lemak + Boneless Chicken Thigh Nasi Lemak

🥩 Beef Rendang (ala carte)

🦑 Sambal Sotong (ala carte)

🍰 Sinpopo's Putu Piring Log Cake

🍵 Teh Peng (Iced Milk Tea)

🌹 Iced Bandung (Rose Syrup Drink with Evaporated Milk)

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