Christmas Feast for 14


🎄✨ Introducing our Grand Christmas Feast, meticulously designed for a party of 14, promising to elevate the joy in your celebrations. Join us in creating a feast that amplifies the holiday spirit. Order now for a truly grand celebration! 

🚚 Indulge in the convenience of delivery or pickup, allowing the holiday warmth to grace your table at your preferred time. 🍽️

Feast Highlights:

🍗 Ayam Goreng Berempah Chicken Leg Nasi Lemak + Boneless Chicken Thigh Nasi Lemak

🥩 Beef Rendang (ala carte)

🦑 Sambal Sotong (ala carte)

🍰 Sinpopo's Putu Piring Log Cake

🍰 Sinpopo's Dripping Kaya Cake

🍵 Teh Peng (Iced Milk Tea)

🌹 Iced Bandung (Rose Syrup Drink with Evaporated Milk)

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